Friday Poem - The Meaning by Casey Chaplin

This week's Friday Poem is provided by Casey Chaplin, author of 'Lizzy' which is currently in my TBR list and I'm looking forward to it! Enjoy the poem and discover what it meant to him in his own words below:

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The Meaning
by Casey Chaplin

Describe to me the meaning.
Whisper me the feeling,
Gently, softly, subtly,
The rang in which it spreads,
Through all the flows and ebbs.
Tell me.

A word beyond description,
Can you understand its libation,
Or why we offer such flirtation?
Drink it in, for it's over so quick,
Much like a burned down candle wick.

I ask you again, tell me softly what it means.
When you whisper shyly like quiet queens.
My ear is yours, tell me now,
As you look me in the eye, beneath my furrowed brow.
I am yours.
You are mine.

Murmur to me, I beg you please.
Be soft and sweet; bring me to my knees.

I call this poem "The Meaning" and I do admit, it's a bit of a stretch from the pieces I usually write - those pieces often being about blood, or murder...or murderous blood. So a love passage is a bit out of character for me. However, it is truly a poem that comes from the heart. The last few months of my life have been...eventful. But, in those eventful times a person happened to saunter into my life, of whom this poem is indeed inspired. So if you can stand the cheesiness of a love poem, then good on you, because not a lot can... Maybe next time I'll break out a spooky scarey one... or something. Thank you for reading!