Book Shout Out - Gathering of Ghosts by David Haynes

It's gloriously sunny day out there today, yet even so there is a chill in the air. "Why is that?" you might ask. It's that happiest of days when one of my favourite indie horror authors releases a new book to add a little fear into our lives! Find out more below:

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In the shadows of Victorian England, the ghosts are gathering. Prepare to have your blood chilled by six tales of fear and phantasmagoria…

The Silent Bell: A doctor’s invention to prevent people being accidentally buried alive backfires on him with horrific results.

The Stonegate Manor Collection: Lord Feltham’s paintings are worth a fortune, but also conceal a gruesome tragedy that has yet more lives to claim.

The Haunting of Reverend Carson: The charlatan Musgrave makes a living pretending to talk to the dead, until he discovers his new client’s demons are more than merely spiritual.

The Last Waltz: Through that miracle of technology, the Zoopraxiscope, a lonely man’s long-lost love is brought back to life before his very eyes.

The Speaking Tube: John Barker is consumed with hatred for his malicious father and torments him with voices from hell, unaware of how close to the abyss he is himself.

The Ghost Train: Alone aboard an empty train running along a dead track, Godfrey witnesses the grotesque secret that is entombed beneath Paddington Station.

Go deeper into David Haynes’s world of the macabre…

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