Blog Shout Out - The Plasmatic Writer

For this week's blog shout out we visit Justin Bienvenue's blog 'The Plasmatic Writer', read more about his blog in his own words below:

I’m Justin Bienvenue. I am a promising young author and poet and I have written three books. I live in a boring town south of Boston, Massachusetts. When I say boring I mean BORING, not much to do so I don’t get out much but when I do I make the best of it. After I started frequently writing I realized that a website/blog would probably be essential to my current and future writing endeavors. The Official Website of Justin Bienvenue(though sometimes called The Plasmatic Writer) was created in 2010, shortly after the release of my first book The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. I started my website as a way to showcase my books and a way to inform people about any news about them. I have more of a website then I do a blog per say. I mean I have a blog section to which I write posts but I don’t see it as a big part of my site even though I have written over 30+ posts on there. I usually just feature a post or article of a writing or publishing related nature or a topic I happen to be thinking about and write about it. My blog posts are connected to both Goodreads and Amazon though still they don’t get much notice. I once featured interviews on my page but had to stop because the bandwith on the site went over capacity and the content was so much that the page became slow to load. However I have recently just noticed that my blog page can probably hold a lot of content hence my 40 posts and it only took me four years to just now figure out! Yeah, I am a bit slow sometimes but I was going to start up interviewing again and now that I know that my page can withstand heavy content I think it may start taking off soon.

Right now in blog page terms my most popular post on there is an article on Racial Stereotypes. I had actually thought of the idea after reading a similar post from someone on a website and it got me thinking about my own thoughts on the subject. I originally wrote it as a post on BookBlogs but then posted it to my site where while connected to Goodreads has gotten quite a few views, likes and opinions. In the sense of my page as a whole the most popular feature is the Chamber of Horrors which I recently moved to the horror gallery. The Chamber of Horrors is a gallery of pictures featuring some of horror’s most famous faces from Bela Lugosi to Jack the Ripper. I have fun making it and thinking of new inductees which I feature and ask people every once in a while. I’m up to over 38 inductees and they are organized by what they classify as, actor, movie slasher, director, woman, etc. I have hopes that the homepage will become popular as I have updated it with lots of new sites on the sidebar and fun things for my book such as book trailers and soundtracks.

Seeing as I have recently updated the site I hope the become more active on it and get more members and frequent visitors on it. As I stated before I really enjoy my Chamber of Horrors section and I believe it’s something a lot of other people will enjoy as well. I also have several un-noticed blog posts on the book industry and publishing that I really liked writing and believe others could enjoy and benefit from as well. I am no expert on how to publish or promote a book but I also feature tips in a post that I believe authors will like and could help them. It’s not anything mind blowing but basic tips that everyone can take and learn from. I hope to get a few things going on the blog and site. I will be doing interviews in a group I created called IAT: Indie Author Tactics which I will be allowing an indie author to be either interviewed, featured or have a book cover reveal. I will start it on BookBlogs but if all goes will I hope to expand it on my blog page in a more permanent basis. I will also be writing more articles on my blog and hope to get some good feedback on that. I’ve come to notice that many authors and bloggers have good feedback and do a lot on their sites because they are so active and I now wish to get in on that. Having had a computer as old as Larry King held me back and made it hard for me to do anything and after a while I could not even get on my site because it wouldn’t load. Well now I have a new computer and am ready to get going on some interesting new projects and get my site and blog to a more up and running state.

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