ABC Drabbles of Death - K is for Kraken

After last week's rather serious ABC Drabble of Death I thought I'd go for something a little more fantastical for the letter 'K' and bring forth an old friend from legend!

If this is your first drabble of death and are wondering what the hell is going on? Don't panic. A drabble is a story which is exactly 100 words long and this series takes each letter of the alphabet in turn and I write a suitably death themed drabble. You can read the previous drabbles in the series here:

And now a beast awakens...

K is for Kraken

From the dark depths it arose.

A thing that should not be. A creature from legend and nightmare. Yet here I stand on the deck of my trawler with today’s catch spilling from torn nets. Tentacles of fearsome size crush the boat as if it were no more than a child’s toy.

Screams of the crew and the screeching of tortured steel surround me. The spray of the sea and the sweat of my face chill my face.

The trawler snaps in two and victorious against its defenceless foe it drags me and my boat into the sun starved deep.