ABC Drabbles of Death - J is for Jump

The ABC Drabbles of Death skipped a beat last week, but it's back with a vengence this week as we reach the letter 'J'. This one is another taken from my past and it's what I wonder went through her mind before she jumped. If you haven't read the previous drabbles in the series then you can find them all here:

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J is for Jump

It’s a long way down and at the sight I almost lose my nerve. It’s almost funny really. I climbed all the way up here to make sure that the drop would kill me and now I’m afraid of falling.

Maybe this is a sign.

Not that it matters. This is the only choice left to me. My eyes fill with tears, but they are selfish tears for me alone. No-one else will lament for me.

That is the real sign for what must be done. One last moment of pain and then nothing more.

I step off the ledge…